Designed by cycle commuters for cycle commuters

Fablecycle™ is all about cycle commuting. If you cycle to work the you've come to the right place!

We've designed, built and road-tested a clothing range specifically for bike commuters with:

  • Cargo commuter shorts
  • NEW! Long-sleeved zip-up top for spring
  • Lycra under shorts for ultimate comfort
  • Dri-fit t-shirt with a low-slung rear to keep splashes off your lower back
  • Socks to keep your tootsies warm

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What are people saying about our clothes?

"The Fablecycle Tomahawk Cargo Commuter Cycle Shorts have become a favourite. They look good off the bike and feel good on it. Verdict: 4.5/5"
-- Seven Day Cyclist

Customers are loving us!

"The commuter shorts are unlike any cycling shorts I've had before. Comfy without being baggy. Nicely fitting without feeling the exposure of lycra(!). Somehow avoiding the cargo shorts look, in spite of having plenty of pockets - they've already had a number of comments from fellow commuters cycling into the office. The other perk being that I wear them on the MTB trails too, and they look and feel great there too. These are the short commuting cyclists have longed for for years. Awesome."
-- Jason, London (via Trustpilot)

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We'll be at the National Cycling Show in Birmingham 15-16 June 2024. See more here.

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